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CHL   License to Carry Class - Range/Class

Class Date: 10/26/2017 (8 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $80

CHL   License to Carry Class - Range/Class

Class Date: 10/29/2017 (8 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $80

Would you like to give a Gift Certificate for a Texas Gun Pros Class? Well, now you can!

Purchase a gift certificate below and we will email you a voucher you can deliver to your family or friends.

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 $79 - License To Carry Course formally called CHL Course (price for 1 person)
 $30 - Handgun 101 (price for 1 person)
 $30 - Refuse To Be A Victim (price for 1 person)
 $30 - Advanced Carry Class (price for 1 person)
 $100 - Basic Pistol Course (price for 1 person)
 $35 - Basic AR 101 Rifle Course (price for 1 person)

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Texas Gun Pros educates and trains to promote firearm safety and proficiency in the DFW Metroplex. You can take any one of our classes at any level of gun knowledge. We welcome anyone who has never held or shot a gun. We also welcome anyone who is looking for a refresher on shooting.

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