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Concealed Handgun License - This class is taught by Texas DPS Certified Instructors and presents all the topics required by the State of Texas to qualify you to apply for the Texas Concealed Handgun License, including both the state-required Shooting Proficiency Test and Written Test.

Handguns 101 - The CHL class requires that you know how to operate a pistol, including loading and unloading, clearing jams, and basic safety rules. If you're not familiar enough with handguns to take the CHL Shooting Proficiency Test, this class is designed to help get you there.

NRA Basic Pistol - Starting from the beginning, or just want to know more about handling and shooting handguns, this is the class for you.

NRA Refuse to be a Victim - It's a crazy world out there and we all need to know how to be safer in our homes, in our cars, at work and just out and about. This is not a shooting class, but it's a class that helps you learn how not to be a victim.

Advanced Concealed Carry - In 2013 the Legislature shortened the training hours required for a CHL license. They shouldn't have. There's a whole lot of vital information related to Concealed Carry, we no longer have time to teach in our CHL classes. Here's where you can find it. It's two hours, in the evening and for only $25, it's a great next step.

About Texas Gun Pros

Texas Gun Pros educates and trains to promote firearm safety and proficiency in the DFW Metroplex. You can take any one of our classes at any level of gun knowledge. We welcome anyone who has never held or shot a gun. We also welcome anyone who is looking for a refresher on shooting.

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