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Handguns 101

Course Length: Approximately 2 hours - No shooting involved
Location: This course is taught at our Texas Gun Pros Gun Store facility.
Cost: $30 per person, minimum class size of 4 students

If youíre taking a LTC course and donít feel youíre familiar enough with your handgun, or handguns in general, this course is for you. We highly recommend it for inexperienced shooters prior to taking our LTC course, or if your schedule has you taking the CHL class first, but you want to become more familiar with your firearm, we recommend this course.

This course will familiarize you with the rules of gun safety and with the mechanics of operating the firearm, including loading and unloading, using dummy ammunition.

We also cover the fundamentals of shooting:

  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Aiming
  • Hold Control
  • Breath Control
  • Trigger Control
  • Follow Through

You will get an opportunity to dry fire a handgun and to fire practice shots with a laser gun. No live fire is included in this course, but upon completion, you will be ready to go to the range and shoot.

About Texas Gun Pros

Texas Gun Pros educates and trains to promote firearm safety and proficiency in the DFW Metroplex. You can take any one of our classes at any level of gun knowledge. We welcome anyone who has never held or shot a gun. We also welcome anyone who is looking for a refresher on shooting.

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