Concealed Handgun License Class

Class Date: 4/26/2014 (8 AM - 2 PM)

Cost:  $69


Concealed Handgun License Class

Class Date: 4/27/2014 (8 AM - 2 PM)

Cost:  $69

Living with a Gun 

Living With a Gun Class

Class Date: 5/1/2014 (7 PM - 9 PM)

Cost:  $30


Concealed Handgun License Class

Class Date: 5/3/2014 (9 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $69


Free Gun Cleaning Training

Class Date: 5/6/2014 (7 PM - 9 PM)

Cost:  $0

Refuse To Be a Victim Seminar 

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

Class Date: 5/8/2014 (6 PM - 10 PM)

Cost:  $40


Concealed Handgun License Class

Class Date: 5/10/2014 (9 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $69


NRA Basic Pistol Class

Class Date: 5/11/2014 (9 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $100


Concealed Handgun License Class

Class Date: 5/13/2014 (9 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $69


Concealed Handgun License Class

Class Date: 5/17/2014 (9 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $69

Handgun 101 

Handgun 101 Class

Class Date: 5/22/2014 (7 PM - 9 PM)

Cost:  $30


Concealed Handgun License Class

Class Date: 5/31/2014 (9 AM - 3 PM)

Cost:  $69

Concealed Handgun License Class FAQs

What all is included in your class fee?

Our class fee covers the instruction and testing necessary to provide you with a CHL-100 Form, The Certificate of Proficiency, required by the Texas Department of Safety to issue your license. We also include the passport photos required for you license.

What is not included is:
1) the range fee - which occurs on class day (typically less than $20)
2) the cost of your ammo - 1 box of 50 rounds of ammo is needed on class day to the take shooting exam
3) electronic fingerprints (approximately $10 - Paid to MorphoTrust USA)
4) the DPS License Fee (Paid to the State of Texas)

What are the steps to getting a Concealed Handgun License?

Step 1: Attend one of our CHL Classes
Step 2: Complete the Texas DPS Online Application and Affidavits at the Texas DPS website.
Step 3: Have Your Electronic Fingerprints taken with MorphoTrust USA.
Step 4: Send Your Packet to Texas DPS

The Packet sent to Texas DPS will consist of the following items:
1) CHL-100 Certificate of Proficiency (which we provide to you at the end of class)
2) Passport Photo with photo holder (which we provide to you at the end of class)

Your Fingerprints and Application will be submitted electronically to Texas DPS so they will not be in the packet. Make sure you complete steps 1, 2 and 3 before you send in your packet.

Can I use a revolver for my CHL proficiency test?

Yes, but we highly discourage it. If you don't have a semi-automatic, just let us know and we'll loan you one. The reason we discourage qualifying with a revolver is that if you do, that's the only kind of handgun you can legally carry concealed. If you qualify with a semi-automatic, you can carry either type.

Do you have separate classes for CHL renewals?

We do offer separate renewal classes from time-to-time, however we always recommend renewal students to our regular CHL classes and in fact encourage attendance at this class. Not only are there changes in the laws, but most CHL holders would benefit from refresher training in all the areas required to obtain a CHL, plus an understanding of the legal and emotional aftermath should you actually use your gun. We cover material that goes beyond what we are required to teach, but which is very valuable for anyone who intends to carry a concealed handgun, experienced or not.

Do you have a firing range at your facility in North Richland Hills?

No, we do not. We do our classroom work at the Texas Gun Pros Training Center and our shooting just down the road at The Shooting Gallery, which is located at 6054 East Lancaster in Fort Worth. That's at the intersection of Loop 820 and Lancaster Blvd. (Exit 30B). Your range fees (typically less than $20) will be in addition to our class fee for CHL and NRA classes.

Others advertise "One Stop Shopping - Everything Supplied" or something to that effect. What's the deal?

Those are old ads left over from the days when everything was done with paper - paper applications, three different affidavits that had to be notarized, messy fingerprints, etc. Now, DPS lets you do your application online with no requirement for a notary. Also, they only accept online fingerprints, so no CHL instructors are doing fingerprints in their classes anymore. We do provide your passport photos and everything you need to send to DPS for your license with the acception of the online application and online fingerprints.

I don't have a handgun yet. Do you have a loaner?

There are two options available for the CHL class if you don't have a firearm: 1) We'll loan you one of ours. 2) You can rent one from the range for around $10. The only reason to rent one would be if you're considering a particular handgun and want to try before you buy, the range will probably have one of what you're considering.

How can I best prepare for the Shooting Proficiency Test?

First, it's not a hard test and we have people in almost every class who have never fired a gun before pass this test with flying colors. However, there are a few things that will help. Number one is clean your gun. Even if it's a brand new gun, cleaning it will help prevent malfunctions on the range. Number two, familiarize yourself with your gun. If it's new to you, at least do some dry-firing and practice loading and unloading at home before you come to the range. And finally, please bring a reliable gun. If you don't have one, or are not sure, let us know and we'll loan you one. If you try to qualify with a gun that is unsafe or that malfunctions every round or two, we'll stop you and get you to use another gun.

I have had my fingerprints taken. Do I have to have my fingerprints taken again?

The state requires "ALL" CHL licensees to have their fingerprints taken electronically through MorphoTrust USA. Even if one has previously had their fingerprints taken for another purpose they will need to have them taken again. No one is exempt from this requirement. Cost for electronic fingerprints is $9.95.

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Texas Gun Pros educates and trains to promote firearm safety and proficiency in the DFW Metroplex. You can take any one of our classes at any level of gun knowledge. We welcome anyone who has never held or shot a gun. We also welcome anyone who is looking for a refresher on shooting.

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