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As you read through these articles, please remember that instructors are students as well, constantly learning. Pay attention to the dates and recognize that in more than one instance my view and experiences may have changed based on things I have learned. I've tried to update the earlier articles where I've found this to be the case, but may have missed some. If you've got comments or questions, you can leave a comment at the end of the article and I'll respond.

Date Published Title & Link
1/24/2017 Traveling by Air With a Handgun Post Ft. Lauderdale
12/5/2016 A Way to Win the Holster Battle
11/18/2016 At the Range as a Spectator
10/10/2016 You Just Never Know
10/6/2016 Revisiting Handgun Caliber and Ammunition Choices
9/4/2016 Series 70 versus Series 80
8/22/2016 A Typical Gun Store Visit
8/20/2016 Ruger's 9mm 1911
7/27/2016 Why I'm Uneasy about Carrying a Small Caliber Pocket Gun
6/24/2016 Subjective Comparisons - They Matter, Too!
6/23/2016 CZ-P07 This Could Easily Become a Personal Favorite
6/15/2016 A Pair of 32s
5/18/2016 How Important is Comfort Level
5/13/2016 The Reason We Sell
4/7/2016 Comfortable or Comforting? Why Not Both?
3/10/2016 What I Like About Taurus
3/10/2016 Handgun Observations from an Owner/Shooter/Instructor
2/25/2016 What I Like About Springfield
2/25/2016 What I Like About Ruger
2/25/2016 What I Like About Smith & Wesson
2/25/2016 What I Like About Sig Sauer
2/25/2016 What I Like About Colt
2/25/2016 What I Like About Beretta
2/25/2016 What I Like About Taurus
1/17/2016 Gun Buyers Quick Start Guide
1/15/2016 Personal Preferences - As Varied as the People Who Have Them
1/7/2016 Polycase ARX - A Radical Departure in Defense Ammunition Design
12/31/2015 Being Careful Online - Not About Guns
12/2/2015 You May Want to Re-Think Your Carry Gun
10/27/2015 My Second Most Favorite Caliber and Why
10/5/2015 Affordable Carry Guns We Recommend
9/11/2015 Becoming Aware of Awareness
8/30/2015 Summertime Carry - What!!!!?
8/2/2015 Ammo Quick Pick Charts to Aid in Selection
8/1/2015 Ammo for Personal Defense - A Fresh Perspective
5/21/2015 New Guns From an Instructor's Perspective
5/5/2015 Why I like M&Ps
4/27/2015 Rock Island - The Price is Right and So is the Gun
4/18/2015 Slide Lock or Slide Stop?
4/13/2015 It's Not Bragging if You Have the Pictures!
3/30/2015 Easy Upgrades You Can Do
3/23/2015 A Different Way to Compare Guns
3/17/2015 Weighing In on the Lightweights
2/5/2015 Ruger SR1911 CMD-LW - Making a Good Thing a Little Bit Better
1/19/2015 Magazines – Who Wouldn’t Want More Rounds?
12/11/2014 A Few Random Updates
10/27/2014 For the Man Who is Serious About Concealed Carry - A Step-by-Step How To
9/9/2014 An Update on Hurting Hands
8/11/2014 Fun Day at the Range – It Seems You Always Learn Something
7/13/2014 A Few Updates
5/10/2014 Holsters That Work for Concealed Carry
4/16/2014 Does the Weight of the Gun Really Matter for Concealed Carry
4/10/2014 Those 1911 Commanders
3/4/2014 Looking Back - Seven Years of Concealed Carry
7/29/2013 A 1911 Apology
5/20/2013 Old Favorites
6/29/2012 Air Gun Fun!
5/23/2012 Fun With 22s
4/12/2012 I Thought I Could Decide . . .
3/7/2012 Hi-Standard Double 9 vs. Ruger Single 10 Revisited
1/31/2012 Fifty (50) Years of Plinkin'
1/17/2012 Going Retro
10/18/2011 The Myth of Gun Registration
8/24/2011 Finally, Someone With Some Sense About the 1911
8/1/2011 The Family That Shoots Together . . . .
6/10/2011 Magnum Days
5/16/2011 A Day in the Life of a Firearms Instructor
5/11/2011 Powerful Little Backup Gun
2/10/2011 Another Winner from Crossbreed
1/19/2011 Another Plug for Taurus Pistols
12/6/2010 Get a Grip!
11/9/2010 Two Guns at the Range
11/8/2010 Too Many Guns?
10/19/2010 The Ideal Life?
9/29/2010 Two Small Guns for Concealed Carry
9/29/2010 Sometimes Peer Pressure is a Good Thing
8/29/2010 Three Things You Must Know
8/10/2010 Personal Security for Ordinary People
5/19/2010 Cutting the 357 Maximum Down to Size
5/16/2010 The Crossbreed Super Tuck
4/29/2010 Comparing the Taurus 24/7 9mm and 45 ACP
4/24/2010 SigPro SP2022
4/23/2010 Cougar 8000 and PX-4 Storm Comparison
4/16/2010 Taurus 24/7 DS – 45 ACP

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